The Call to Preserve Bob and Crystal Rilee’s Gift Intent of Park Property

Equestrian Confronts Bike Event Signs on west side of Bob and Crystal Rilee Equestrian ParkThe Chehalem Parks & Recreation District (CPRD)and Heritage boards have been open to hearing equestrian voices as well as incorporating OET’s recommendations and experience in regard to trail use on Parrett Mountain. We must continue to show up, speak up and provide a united voice that cannot be ignored or risk the riding trails disappearing.

At last week’s 8/24/23 Chehalem Heritage Trails Advisory Committee meeting, Ryann presented the following Powerpoint presentation. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look and consider signing the petition below.

I’m incredibly proud of our horse community for showing up and speaking up in support and it’s WORKING!!!!!!!
A formal decision on this matter is set for the agenda at the next meeting Thurs Sept 28th 2023 @ 6:00pm 125 S. Elliott Road in Newberg
If you’ve never shown up before or if you ever will, this is the day of greatest importance!
We finally have traction to show the board the only option is to keep their word and honor the gifted intent.
Please join us, along with Mrs. Oregon Amber Rosenbury, Thursday, September 28th and sign the petition here.