Crystal Rilee Equestrian Park Update

The Chehalem Parks & Recreation District (CPRD)and Heritage boards have been open to hearing equestrian voices as well as incorporating OET’s recommendations and experience in regard to trail use on Parrett Mountain. We must continue to show up, speak up and provide a united voice that cannot be ignored or risk the riding trails disappearing.

At last week’s Chehalem Heritage Trails Advisory Committee meeting, use recommendations to be made to Chehalem Parks and Recreation District were presented and discussed. These include the separation of the East (cyclists) and West (equestrians) sides with the installation of supporting signage. 

This is set to happen end of the month and is ‘temporary’ until the ‘Master’ plan is adopted. 

We see this as a step toward increased safety between horses and riders. After all, Crystal’s vision was for equestrian use. The committee was informed that multiple reports covering historical, environmental and mapping were previously completed (2008-2013) and those should be made available to all as a resource for review. Efforts are in process to retrieve and share before the next meeting.

Cyclists have used the trails unchecked, even organizing group rides and competitions.

Recommendations were added for adopting and instituting trail maintenance standards such as those founded by Trail Keepers of Oregon and used on the Pacific Crest Trail. 

The committee’s recommendations will be presented to the CPRD Board Meeting on January 26th, 2023. This meeting can be attended in person or online.