Crystal Rilee Equestrian Park Update

The Chehalem Parks & Recreation District (CPRD)and Heritage boards have been open to hearing equestrian voices as well as incorporating OET’s recommendations and experience in regards to trail use on Parrett Mountain. We must continue to show up, speak up and provide a united voice that cannot be ignored or risk the riding trails disappearing.

We are grateful to OET for aiding and assisting with 50+ years of trail development expertise. 

Equestrian Confronts Bike Event Signs on west side of Bob and Crystal Rilee Equestrian Park

We hope to see more than 4 of the 17 members at the upcoming meetings listed below. I welcome all equestrians and hikers to attend and yet again encourage their support of signage ahead of the “master plan” approval. View previous meetings at links below and watch for link to attend by zoom or in person.
– Ryann

Upcoming Meetings