3 Local Escapes for Willamette Valley Equestrians

One of the things we love about the Pacific Northwest is easy access to the great outdoors. Here are our favorite places to camp with horses and hit the trails or the long beach of a wide open ocean!

  1. Riley Horse Campground / Ramona Falls

West of Mt. Hood and 7 miles from Mount Hood Village, is Riley Horse Camp. One of the many trails to ride in the area is a challenging and popular ride to Ramona Falls. 

  1. Joe Graham Horse Campground / Timothy Lake

On the south side of Mt. Hood, stay at this campground and ride all the way around Timothy Lake or south on the PCT to the Warm Springs River.  

  1. Nehalem Bay State Park / Manzanita Beach

At Nehalem Bay State Park, located at the beginning of a four-mile sand spit that separates the Pacific Ocean and Nehalem Bay, you’ll find horse facilities just on the other side of a sand dune from the beautiful Manzanita Beach.