3 Products for Horses and Their People in High Temps

white horse on beach next to refreshing aqua marine water

Dang, it’s hot here in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Here are three things to order right now to help you help your horses through a heat wave. 

  1. Cooling Down the Barn 

Kool Kurtains are a new, technically-advanced product that are scientifically proven to deflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat rays providing passive cooling to barns, run-in-sheds, stalls, kennels, aisleways, hay storage buildings and other agricultural facilities. With their unique panel design, Kool Kurtains also screen out bugs and birds, yet allow for airflow and provide easy access for horses, people and equipment. Kool Kurtains are extremely durable and can transform a run-in, barn or stall from a bug -infested hot box to a cool bug-free haven for horses. …without electricity or insecticides.” 


  1. When you’ve got to work in the barn and it’s TOO HOT! Get yourself some of this high-tech cooling apparel. This proprietary tech enhances the natural process of evaporation to create an instant cooling effect that lasts for hours.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. We love this affordable and classic option if your barn is not already equipped with fans. The Lasko Quick Mount is for Easy Conversion from Floor to Wall Mount to adapt to different spaces. Simply mount the included bracket to the wall and easily convert your fan from a floor fan to a wall fan. The fan’s stand clips right into the mount and in seconds you have a wall-mounted fan.