Thoroughbred Real Estate Group Featured in Top Agent Magazine

Thoroughbred Real Estate Group Featured in Top Agent Magazine        

Full Text of Article Below as featured in the June 6, 2022 Edition of Top Agent Magazine

We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work again?” Well, Realtor® Ryann Reinhofer has taken that mantra to heart combining her lifelong passion for the Equestrian world into a successful Real Estate niche. “Some of my earliest childhood memories centered around horses and they’ve been a constant part of my life ever since, to which I’m extremely grateful.” While contemplating a career change in 2002, Ryann found herself reflecting on her mother’s real estate influences. Eventually, the proverbial light bulb went off in her head.

Ryann soon found herself asking, “Why not combine my ability to speak an equestrian’s language with their specific real estate needs?” As she embarked on implementing her plan, it became more and more apparent that this was a long-overlooked consumer base. Ryann specializes in properties to suit the country-minded lifestyle, and as such, knows the nuances of zoning allowances, agricultural tax deferments, well and septic systems as it’s incorporated with her daily professional activities. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Ryann currently manages a team of eight and she is looking to onboard additional teammates to meet the current demands of her client base. One of the perks of owning your own brokerage is getting to pick who you want to work with. Ryann has assembled a like-minded group of women with a common goal, to maintain the boutique service experience for all of their clients. Coincidentally, the work ethic, discipline, responsibility, and respect garnered through the caring of animals lends themselves quite well to the rigors of real estate.

A lot of hard work has paved the way, from that first glimmer of an idea, to where things stand today with the formation of Thoroughbred Real Estate Group. It was paramount for Ryann to create a boutique brokerage atmosphere, one which centered on the client, and where no one gets lost in the shuffle. Keeping in line with that sentiment, all the brokers receive one on one training with real-time responsiveness to questions and concerns. The supportive and collaborative work environment thrives on everyone succeeding and knowing their craft at the highest level!

Ryann enjoys being able to connect the dots and find something that’s good for her clients and their animals. Consistently growing, but with no intention of ever becoming so large that the personal touch is lost, Ryann services all the Northwest region across Oregon and Washington.

The specialized demand for Ryann’s services isn’t waning and, in fact, it’s growing faster than ever! Ryann has built a team of Brokers who stand out, Realtors® who prefer to walk acreage, assess stables, or bring vision to the development of estates. Recognized locally and nationally through their participation in equestrian-related associations, events and activities; Ryann’s team at Thoroughbred Real Estate Group looks forward to providing you with results because Home is Where the Hooves Are!