So, You Want to Move to the Country


Rural properties present different concerns and are more complex than the average residential real estate in a city or suburb.

As rural property experts, at Thoroughbred Real Estate Group we understand the functions of septic systems, and wells and how zoning impacts their allowed uses, taxes or tax deferment. 

Here are just a few suggestions of considerations and questions to ask when evaluating rural properties:

Take time to know the location surrounding the land you are interested in buying.

What’s happening in the community? Are roads privately or publicly maintained? Are there flooding concerns, access considerations, water rights considerations, etc.? Are utilities in place or accessible? Are there environmental or agricultural regulatory considerations?

In addition to answering the above questions, it’s extremely helpful to visualize the kinds of amenities you plan to add to an existing property site. Work with a rural site development consultant and be willing to adjust your criteria slightly when purchasing if you find something closely matching that can be made into the estate of your dreams.

Once you’ve found the property you can see yourself calling home, then we go to work! The many layers of due diligence we provide includes basics such as review of the sellers’ property disclosures to confirming allowed zoning uses and multiple in depth system inspections. If you’re ready to start your rural property search, connect with us today!