Pacific Northwest Equestrian Outlook


The Pacific Northwest equestrian scene is growing as people continue flocking here. Like all changes, this presents challenges and opportunities.

Currently, there is a lack of available boarding facilities and increased costs of goods and services equestrians rely on.

While there certainly are people being priced out of horse ownership, a larger equestrian community means more opportunity for more people.

We see more and more wanted ads for barn help, more equestrian businesses popping up.

At the same time, the pandemic disruption in horse shows gave rise to more clinics. Horse clinics are a more accessible avenue for learning and growing horsemanship, no matter the discipline.

This makes it possible for anyone to work in the equestrian field and learn the ins and outs of stable management and horse care.

These factors point to returns on your investment should you be considering developing equestrian facilities on your property.