Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center Gets New Life

If you’re in the horse world, you might be familiar with the exemplary Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center and if you are, you may have also heard of its recent sale.

The story of Sherwood Forest involves loving parents investing in the establishment of this premier equestrian center in support of their daughter’s vision and ambition. They created an incredible space for us equestrians and a close community around it.

Unfortunately, after the untimely passing of the Carr family members, the time to hand over the reins had come. This was hard for so many people.

And now, I’m thrilled to announce that new local owners have closed on the sale of this property and will move forward with regard to legacy.

This special place will continue to be the first-rate facility it’s always been and so much more! I’m honored to have represented both seller and buyer in the facilitation of this momentous transaction. Video below.

– Ryann