Meet Angi Slocum

Angi Slocum

Representing Thoroughbred Real Estate Group in SW Washington

Say hello to Angi, one of our SW Washington specialists and a licensed Washington realtor.

Q: How did you get into real estate?

Angi: I have always been interested in houses, especially new construction and building. I’d wanted to be an architect and design skyscrapers in New York, but I fell in love with my High School sweetheart, got married and started our family instead. Being a mama is the greatest gift, but I needed more. When our youngest was in preschool I was craving something new and jumped in with both feet. Sixteen years later, I still love it!

Q: What about you do you think makes you cut out for this work?

Angi: When I started in real estate in 2005 it was the start of the ‘boom’ that no one knew about yet. I just thought that’s how real estate was. Boy was I wrong!  Looking back, I feel so blessed to have been involved in the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and then back to the Good again. It taught me how to navigate ALL THE THINGS for my clients.

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced over the past year?

Angi: Learning to let go of control, whether I want to or not. The biggest and best part of this past year for me was becoming a Nana. With all of the uncertainties, fears and unknowns in the world, this gave me pause to remember how blessed we are and to be grateful for everything we have.